Condensation Control

The home owners of this property in Ararimu Auckland, were pleasantly surprised when they woke up in the morning to discover the Double Glazed door we had retrofitted the previous day, had no visible condensation on the inside of their master bedroom, unlike the glass next too it which was still to be retrofitted from single to Double Glazing.

The windows, see above

This home had serious condensation issues, with reservations from the owners as to how effective the Double Glazing would actually perform!
We were keen to put our product and methodology to the test, knowing the materials we use like our workmanship is of the very highest standard.

The owners chose a combination of clear "Double Glazed units" with the inclusion of "Argon Gas & Low-E Glass".  It effectively enabled them to have a light filled home with built in UV protection from room fading.

We unblocked their existing drainage holes, that weren't working that well and made simple drainage upgrades to their joinery, we also installed new draft seals between the doors and resealed most of the existing joint mitres.  These rooms with these simple upgrades made it easier to keep warmer in the winter periods and cooler in the summer months ahead, subsequently providing a comfortable, quiet, secure home with no weeping condensation ensuring the inside pane of glass was constantly at room temperature.

Condensation Control is heavily influenced by thermal insulation and ventilation.
Upgrading your thermal insulation with Genuine Double Glazing and High Performance Glass will significantly reduce internal condensation occurring on your glass, the guaranteed seal off our Double Glazed units provides an assurance that you wont get misting between the glass panels.  Condensation is also a product of climate and therefore is influenced by ventilation, relative humidity and temperature.

The outer glass surface temperature is dictated by natural weather occurrences, in winter for instance if the temperature drops below the dew point, condensation on the outside may be visible, and glass being a very good conductor will harbor the cold temperature and will naturally look to pass through the gap between the glass panels, however the "no-metal" spacer provides a non-conductible element to the unit, with the aid of Argon gas and Low-E glass to stop the transference of the outside temperature passing through to the inner panel.  Genuine Double Glazing through correct glass choices collated with advanced materials in the make up of the DGUs will heavily reduce condensation, also keeps the temperature in your home at comfortable levels all year round reducing energy costs, on constant heating or cooling.

Talk to us if condensation is a problem in your home, we will make sure you have all the facts and information about making the right glass options.  Our Double Glazing Specialist will give you a free no obligation assessment and quote to ensure you don't have to put up with a cold damp home anymore.

Heat Loss Reduction

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