Client Reviews

I would like to thank the team.
They did a great job and were very polite and professional throughout.

My wife and I are very pleased indeed and thankful that we had Double Glazing Specialists carrying out this work for us.

I just want to take the time to thank you Mal and your team for the excellent job that you did for us. The service Regan, Harry, and yourself provided was professional and friendly and it was clear from the start that we were in good hands and that any concerns that one always have when doing home improvements were non-existent.

I must add that they stuck to their timelines and the whole process was slick with minimal disruption to our family routine. This included working around my elderly mother who they took time out to include in the replacement process.

In summary this team will take good care of people and property with integrity.

A super friendly team who promptly replied to my enquiry and quickly came and quoted a very reasonable price to fit retrofit double glazing into my existing aluminium window joinery, it was all installed promptly and very pleased that we now no longer have to dry our wet windows after every cold night.

Would highly recommend this team on every aspect of their service.

Great product and excellent service all at a very affordable price!

Great job, very little inconvenience lovely friendly staff. I couldn't ask for more!

My house feels much warmer and more comfortable and the view through the back ranch slider is so much better.

I will certainly recommend you.

Just wanted to say thanks to you and your team for the Double Glazing installation of our Timber framed windows. You guys made the whole process really easy and painless, even with a 3 year old acting as site foreman during the install.

Thanks again and if you ever need a customer reference, happy to do it.


I bought an old 1930's timber Vila, since the day i moved in one window would never open and two would open but needed to be closed from the outside with a mallet, the windows were really tight in some places and in other places there were big gaps.

In winter it was horrible as they let in so much draft, the condensation was a real problem summer was unbearable as we could not open or close them again.

I was put onto the Double Glazing Specialists. Right From the start these guys were very friendly and they said they could sort it out without replacing the wooden frames or sashes.

I had mixed feelings as to this working properly, but was reassured by Malcolm it could be done well.

I also did not want to change the character of the house by having alloy frames installed.

In just two weeks later, my old existing sash windows had received a complete facelift!

My home is now so much warmer - no gaps, no condensation and they open and close easily, I would totally recommend them and the team will be doing every other window in my home.

I can’t believe the difference living in a double glazed home has made on my health.

Seriously, I have not had the flu this winter, and I was pretty much sick year-round living in my previous home with the regular windows. This home is warmer and there’s just no dampness.

I got DGS to replace the backdoor with a polished white glass which increased the privacy from my neighbours.

Thanks Double Glazing Specialists.